Australian Gin Day 2021

Frankly Launch on 3rd Annual Australian Gin Day

Australia set for nationwide gin celebration on the 3rd annual Australian Gin Day.

On Saturday 20th November 2021, Australian gin lovers, distillers, bars and retailers are coming together to celebrate the gin industry and the wonderful people within it. Australian Gin Day aims to both encourage gin aficionados and those who are new to the spirit to get involved by enjoying some Australian-made gin at home or at a local gin bar, and by discovering their local distilleries and gins.

Just 10 years ago only a handful of distilleries were producing gin in Australia. The boom in popularity in recent years has seen this number surge to over 200 distilleries listed in the Australian Gin Day directory, with multiple new distilleries opening every month.

The wealth of high quality and native botanicals available on our doorsteps, as well as a long history of distilling fine spirits such as whisky, is seeing Australian distillers gaining attention as the innovators and creators of some of the most highly regarded gins on the market.

Paul Jackson, the Editor of The Gin Guide and Head Judge of The Gin Guide Awards, is part of the not-for-profit team organising and facilitating Australian Gin Day in collaboration with distillers. He explains why this is a hugely important and exciting time for the industry:

“It is an incredibly exciting time for the gin lovers and gin distillers in Australia. With exceptional products being produced locally to huge numbers of people across the country, there is the opportunity for the gin industry to continue to grow and ensure a long-lasting future, both in Australia and internationally.”

“If growth continues sustainably on this path, Australian gins can become some of the most positively recognised and sought after gins across the world. Australian Gin Day aims to play a great part in encouraging Australians to proudly embrace Australian distilleries and to enjoy their gins, and to ensure the global spirits industry is taking notice and exploring them too.”

Get Involved in Australian Gin Day

Whether you are a seasoned gin drinker or still waiting to try your first G&T, you can get involved. The day is all about enjoyment and discover, and ideas include hosting your own gin tasting at home, visiting your nearest gin bar or cocktail bar to try Australian gins and gin cocktails, visiting your nearest gin distillery, and sharing photos of your celebrations and favourite gins using the hashtag #australianginday.

To help you be part of the day, the Australian Gin Day website ( features comprehensive guides to help you find your nearest distillery, as well as printable gin tasting placemats, and a Garnish Guide to help you find the ideal accompaniment for a huge range of Australian gins.

It makes sense that Frankly Gin will be launched at Bowden Cellars on Australian Gin Day - 20th November 2021.

Proudly support Australian Gin Day and Australian gin distillers. Visit the website at, download the ‘Proudly Supporting Australian Gin Day’ or ‘I Love Australian Gin’ logo, and follow @australianginday on social media. Cheers!