The Story

Frankly Gin, two siblings with a passion for bringing together Good Times + Family + Friends all over a good quality, locally sourced Gin and Tonic, made right here in beautiful South Australia.

Quite Frankly, it's the only way to live.

Frank Woods

Big Bro

Frankly Gin Founder | Distiller


My background is technical, communications, Internet and project management, roles which provide defined parameters, structure and results.  Brewing and distilling has many parallels, but you also have so many influential steps and processes that can create a brilliant outcome, I have embraced the freedom and how personalised you can be to call something your own.

After years of brewing for friends and family, I started to sway away from beer to the lighter side calories wise, distilling with a friend of mine.

Constantly looking for the perfect product, I gravitated toward Gin’s as that also had the support of the growing dedicated supporters that typically descend upon our place on a Sunday afternoon.  Many good afternoons, family, BBQ’s and laughs, with each continuously improving the Gin, the catch phrase being 

"The best one yet!"

 What made FRANKLY? It based on products which can be locally sourced such as the fruits and herbs we grow in our garden, the produce from our family in the Riverland and also more broadly in South Australia, then combining all of those influences to create what I have been able to present in the bottle.


Little Sis

Frankly Gin Co-Founder | Marketing | Creative | Sales


Ever since I could do more tricep dips in Year 6 than the boys in the Swan Reach Area School Gymnasium (aka the dimly lit and probably unsafe gloomy shed from memory) I was HOOKED!

In your youth, and God bless those days of ignorance, but after a game of Country Netball, I never ever gave a second thought about chomping down on a good old SA Balfours Pasty and Cadbury Crunchie, washed down with a delicious chilled can of Sarsaparilla, all whilst watching the boys play Footy of course! A quick dash to the canteen for my Saturday afternoon treat was a country girls idea of heaven on a stick!

"To get the goods, I had to play the game!”

Well, now a couple of years on, my life now isn’t too far different, I gotta do the Gym to get my Gin!

My background for the love of fitness and combined freedom of owning our own Gym, Personal Training and Boxing Studios later transitioned into a passion for delivering delicious snacks and wines which launched my Gift Box business. So yes, I went from making people fit to making people happy in other ways!! But I do so very strongly believe they go hand in hand! Is Gin with my Gym a thing? Absolutely! You can enjoy a few cheeky Gin and Sodas and we are going to show you how without blowing the calorie budget!

In the Woodsie household, we’re the kind of family that sits down on a Sunday afternoon after a long week to reconnect, unwind, eat delicious cheeses and morsels over a few cheeky Gins. What more could one want? Ok, perhaps to make our own! How cool would that be? So when Big Bro Frank who has years of brewing experience came to me with an idea of distilling Gin encapsulating our family home grown almonds and citrus from back home in Nildottie, the idea just blew my mind and we completely ran with it!

So here we are, distilling in the west of South Australia, where the most incredible sunsets live, greeting our long white sandy beaches and clear seas at the end of the day, it’s here we clock off, and pour our home grown Frankly Gin, reminding ourselves of just how grateful we are to have the life we live.

So from us to you, come and join our Frankly community with all things Gin, Gym and then some!

Frankly Gin. Go on, you know you want to…